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KingCamp Lightweight Waterproof Water Repellent Ripstop Backpack Rain Cover with Small Carry Pouch for Traveling, Hiking, Camping Compact, 55-100L

  1. DURABLE TO USE: This backpack rain cover is made of rip-stop polyester with PU coating, which makes it very durable to use for long time.
  2. WATERPROOF AND WATER REPELLENT: Water-resistant rip-stop polyester as the fabric can quickly slide water aside before water has a chance to penetrate it, which can protect the whole backpack from rain, water, dust and other damaged.
  3. LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: It is lightweight and portable to take along and store conveniently.
  4. ELASTIC STRING ON THE BOTTOM: With elastic design on the bottom design, it is able to adjust the size according to different backpacks and easy to put on.
  5. Compact after folded: Come with a small carry pouch, this rain cover is compact enough after folded to save space when you put it into your backpack.

Material: 100%polyester, Ripstop, W/R, W/P
Liner: PU Coating
Product Size: 39.37 × 29.53 cm / 15.5 × 11.6 inches
Package Size: 19 × 9 × 9 cm / 5.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 inches
Volume: 55-100L
Color: Orange
Weight: 134 g / 0.29 lbs
KingCamp offers a wide range of products covering outdoor activities of camping, hiking, travel, and leisure. Each product design is based on the specific requirements of our clients and the comments from our testers who use the products in extreme outdoor conditions. KingCamp is a leader and professional brand in the manufacturing and distribution of outdoor gear in more than 30 countries worldwide, providing excellent products aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients and their relationship with nature. KingCamp is not only a brand, but also a concept which reflected in the design and function of products to serve the comfort, needs, and security of our clients while respecting the environment.
The item is a simple and practical waterproof dustproof backpack rain cover protector, it can well protect your backpack from rain, water, dust and other damaged while traveling, hiking, camping or doing other outdoor sports. When not in use, you can fold the rain cover into a small carry pouch and put into your backpack for convenient to carry.
1 × Rain Cover
1 × Carry Pouch